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OneMain Holdings, Inc. is an American financial services holding company headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, with central offices throughout the United States. The company wholly owns Springleaf Finance Corporation and its subsidiaries, through which it operates in the consumer finance and insurance industries as OneMain Financial. Its business primarily focuses on providing personal loans and optional insurance products to customers with limited access to traditional lenders, such as banks and credit card companies. OneMain in its present form is a result of Springleaf Holdings, Inc.’s acquisition of Baltimore-based OneMain Financial (formerly known as CitiFinancial) from Citigroup in September 2015, with OneMain becoming the surviving brand. As of December 2019, it had 1,600 branch offices in 44 states.


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Ang says

"Don't do it! Please listen and run far as possible from these legal crooks! Still have never recieved copy of loan agreement! They will always make you put car title up for calateral no matter your credit score! Me and my husband almost had a heart attack when we finally 5 months later got someone to tell us how much our payoff amount wld be if we paid all payments, which we have. We have had our loan for a year exactly now and if we were to pay it off right now, today it would cost us $4,680 for a $4,000 loan. The balance with interest for the term of the loan is a wopping $7,880.08. The $2,000 and something dollars we've paid so far wldn't even pay for 1cent of the $4,000 we borrowed even if we paid it off today. So you do the math. If we paid it with no penalty for early payoff wld cost us $6,680....how in the hell is that a no penalty payoff???? This is their math not mine. Ya see I still to this day have not seen a copy of my loan agreement!!!! This is info they gave me over the phone b/c the only thing on your monthly statement is the monthly payment due and the balance of the loan and that is it!!!! I'm working on legal research on laws against this kind of consumer abuse. They just can not be allowed to prey on consumers like this and if they can well what's that to stop other crooks from conducting legit business."

Laura Peebles says

"Springleaf charged me 6500 on 800 plus the title to my car they suck dont use them"

Leslie Dominguez says

"I am currently in the process of fixing my credit... joined Credit Karma which by the way is amazing! They provide suggestions on how to go about fixing and consolidating your credit...great service! One of the companies they had suggested at the time was Springleaf... so I said ok... everything they have suggested so far has worked for me and decided to give them a try this was about 11 months ago... spoke to a rep they started he process and I AM STILL WAITING! What a joke their customer service is... never got back to me... took all my information and did who knows with it... very unprofessional and quite honestly I am kind of relieved because of this is how they conduct business I want no part of it! Stay away! Very shady!"

Alita Jackson says

"I borrowed $2000 that was supposed to take only take 2 years to pay off. Fast forward 4 years, I have paid exactly $9,789.36 and still have a 'balance' of almost $6000. My advice to consumers is DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. This is a loan shark that will offer you gold with a 'payment plan' and the first time you are late on a payment the amount you owe triples under the guise of 'insurance protection'. Then after all of this they have the audacity to drag me into small claims court and seek a judgment against me. Run as far and as fast as you can AWAY from this company. They will ruin you financially."

Brian Pike says

"Send me pre approved letters, only to tell me I need to bring in title information, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. TITLE LOANS ARE A BAD IDEA. RUN, SHRED any offers from these clowns."

Mr. G says

"These people are a deceitful! They claim to be able to give loans to people with bad credit, but that's misleading! I applied for a $2,000 loan and was approved for up to $4,000 with a car title. I told the representative I didn't have a vehicle under my name. The rep then said my wife could co-sign since my credit wasn't high enough. She made it seem that I would have a better chance of securing the loan if our credit scores and INCOME were combined. We went to their office, and after being made to wait a really long time, we were told the only way we could get approved was to use my wife's car title as collateral....basically a title loan. For everyone who knows...title loans are a HUGE rip-off! You borrow $4,000 and end up paying back $11,000...more than twice as much! We were then told that we could apply later when our credit improved...NEWS FLASH: If we already had good credit, we wouldn't need the loan in the first place, imagine that! They claim to "help people with bad credit" but that's clearly not the case as my credit was the reason we were denied. So I guess you have to have "good-bad credit???" These people are like any other typical shady loan sharks. Don't waste your time with them. They lure you in telling you you're approved when you're really not. For a $2,000 loan I was told the payments would be around $95 a month. Had I been approved, I could've and WOULD'VE easily made $300 monthly payments to pay it off faster. I totally had the means and income to afford this loan and the monthly payments, but no, it all comes down to some stupid 3-digit credit score number with these people, though they claim to focus more on your income rather than your credit score. That's clearly not true, or else I would have been approved. If you get any "pre-approval" letters from them in the mail, tear it up. These people are just after your cars and assets."

Donald Reyes says

"I had a revolving line of credit with Beneficial in 2003. Springleaf took over a few years later and closed my revolving credit line. I have been paying my account never being late and they still will not open up my credit line. As a long time customer who is paying 21.75% APR you would think they would want to kept me as a customer. The agent I spoke with today apologized and that was it. Wow! So now I will pay off my account with Springleaf/One Main or whatever name they choose next and go to my credit union. I liked the convenience of a revolving credit line even at that high pct rate but they will no longer have me as a customer since I realize they do not care for loyalty. As a businessman I would turn over backwards to keep a customer locked in at 21.75%. I would offer them MORE credit at that rate since the customer has never been late and knowing their payment is deducted automatically."

laura nalli says

"I got a loan from springleaf and it has been nothing but a disaster since then. Even though I have paid my payments (overpaid most payments) on time, they continued to be incompetent in handling my account. From online services not working properly to this last time where I made an overpayment and they only processed a minimum payment (more interest for them) their incompetence to fraudulent behaviors just continue. Be smart. Go anywhere else to get a loan. I will be posting this same complaint on Main One."

Becki Almada says

"I would definitely NOT recommend Springleaf Financial in Springfield IL to anyone. While trying to assist a family member to secure a personal loan we were given multiple false promises that would then be negated either once we arrived at site or while on the way to Springfield from Jacksonville; a 40 minute drive. We emailed our paystubs, but then went there & they said they didn't have it. Again, we had to go home & return. I was told my family could get the loan if i would co-sign, i arrived at the office only to be told there was another snag, Springleaf was now requiring the title to my family members vehicle. After multiple attempts to find another route, i asked to just be financed alone for this loan, they ran my credit there, stated all was great.I then made a plan to bring my checkstub back in the am and sign papers. Once again while driving to Springfield i received another call with still a completely different result. Needless to say, i was completely disgusted. In the end, we decided to go with a different lending company ."

Dale Strong says

"Don't bother doing business with them even after they merge with One Main. They can not handle their paperwork and make false promises. I have waited forever for a simple payoff letter which I still don't have. My closing date for a refinance was cancelled due to this which caused a drop in my credit score also. They say they will fax within 24 to 48 hours, but they don't. Withholding my documentation is against the law, and I intend to follow though with state and federal banking commissions."

Ada Garcia says

"Do not use these ppl!!! I made one payment for my parents as a gift 8 months later they used my account number to make a payment on another account. When I contacted the branch they told me there nothing they could do for me and I was out$200. If you don't want your information stolen don't use these ppl! Their employees suck!"

Sandra Grard says

"We have done business with spring leaf four about four and half years we got a letter in the mail asking us to come in and refinance our existing loan change our loan to 11500 dollars that would cover the he original loan and bring home the rest which should be around 3200 dollars we decided ok let's pay off some of our credit cards with this money so we went in and what used to be the same day service turmed into over a week then we were told we were approved for 2000 even had the payment amount of monthly payments then we go in a day earlier and oh now we can't just pull up our checking account which in the morning of days would have been ok nope now we have to run around hald the day to get pay check stubs and ten ninety nine then ok we did all this bring it then she asks were are ur tax returns and we said she did not say we needed tax returns so then we get I'll call u back never heard back ever time that's what we get from her I'll call u back and never does I called her back only to be told oh we need ur tax returns now why I have given u everything u ask for we have never been late never missed a payment ever I am never gonna go back to them ever this horrible service and then when I told her on the phone I won't be back she almost sounded happy and was like ok so way to go spring leaf loose a major customer like this great job"

Maha Yousif says

"I applied for Sloan and I was approved for a loan then I called their local office to make appointment then I made appointment 3 days after the approval, in that same day , the represenative there asked me to email her an income letter for verification and I did then I called on the day of my appointment to come an hour earlier to tell me that I did not apply, then after a 30 minutes hold that they did not receive my email so I forward it again then when I was in car going already, she told me that the income in the letter is not the same in the application so I felt then that they don't know what they do and I do not want any business with them"

James Saunders says

"I have been reading some of the bad reviews people was having with this company. I been with credit kmara for years and they send out your chance for loans odd was good and I apply for a small loan and was denied. So to me this is just a big lie to."

Ed says

"These people are idiots. Wants to base your loan on last years tax return but not last years wages. Won't consider this years income which is larger."

Nadine says

"When I put in for my loan the employee (Brook) did not tell until I arrive with all the documents that my car had to be collateral. We discussed in the meeting that I wanted to pay off early and will set a payment that was more than double the expected payment to insure that. I should have known when she could not put it in writing to leave. As she todays says that was not said. In speaking to the manager they state basically that even if you want to pay off early we need the majority of the interest paid to us first. When I look at the interest I will pay for paying off a 48 month loan in 15-16 months it is 120+ of interest paid a month. That is more like a loan shark !! Will not recommend them to anyone."

Kendrick says

"I was approved and received a loan through Springleaf. When making the first payment, I was informed of a higher amount than told. I called and they said it was due to requesting 2 months out to make my first payment. I informed them I never requested that. The associate just hold me that was my due date. We were able to resolve that issue, but I knew then it would be issues with Springleaf. So today, I go to make my payment online and it's shows my normal amount that is due by tomorrow. I called them to alert them that I was making my payment online that's due for tomorrow. Then they state, your last payment was returned so you owe a return fee and we're adding a late fee to your payment that is due tomorrow due to the returned payment. What? So I checked my bank account where it's the payment was taken out and sent to Springleaf. So I stated, I don't understand because my bank has taken out the money and it shows my correct amount due on the Springleaf website. The associate transferred me to a woman that was beyond rude telling me I need to use my common since because it's my fault and not theirs????? What kind of business allows their representativesite to speak to customers that way. I proceeded to tell her that it was very insulting, the way she is choosing to speak to me. Then she states, well you'really acting like you don't have common sense. I was so stunned that I just disconnected the call. I regret ever accepting the offer to get a loan from this company. They basically belittle the customers! I'm just so surprised that Springleaf allows this behavior."

Stephanie S says

"Apparently Springleaf has enough business or needs more staff-or they just dnot care. I sent my online request for a loan on a Monday and received an automatic response that I would be called by a rep on 15 minutes. I did not. I called them on Tuesday at 12:30 and was told the loan officer was closing another deal and would call me back when she was done. By Wednesday at 12:30 I had not received a call. I called them and was told the sane thing. I called an hour later stating I still hadn't heard from anyone since my Monday submission. I was told, "well, we're busy." That tells me they are very unprofessional, don't have enough staff, or just don't care about earning business. Finally on Friday afternoon I received a call. Unacceptable. I had already received an email and phone call on that Monday from a competetor. They had a higher apr so I initially told them "thanks, but no." By Wednesday and no contact from Springleaf I called the competitor and had him reopen my file. He called when he said he was going to call and did what he said he was going to do. I'm paying a higher apr, but I'd rather give my money to someone that respects and appreciates my business, no matter how little they were going to make, then to a business that was "too busy" for me."


"Recieved a loan from the Azusa branch in California. Finally paid off the loan that included my vehicle title. After paying it off I have played hell trying to get my title back or something that says its paid so I can clear it off DMV records as they never notified them and without something from Springleaf, the DMV wont take it off. Such b.s. I have tried numerous times over the years to get this bit all I get are false promised. Can anyone fix this? Im trying to get rid of my car and cant without it."

Damien says

"I felt very discriminated.. I was a previous Customer who paid on time and paid their account of way before agreed time length. I assumed since I've been receiving spam emails inviting me to re-open my loan and that they would pull out the red carpet for me. I was approved for my loan after filling out the usual script. I spoke to someone who said they would be working with me from now on an he assured me my funds will be good to go. He just needed to verify some things. I was straight forward about everything, but he then told me he would be treating this like a new application to my surprise. I felt violated with some of the questioning almost uncomfortable. I mean the loan was for only 7,000 which I've paid far more off on my great credit history of before. I even offered the idea of taking less if the net to gross income was an issue which they failed to explain. He said he would call me back. Everything will be fine. I submitted my voided check ,etc after required email. Never got a call. I called them the next day and was told the automatic approval didn't approve me and that the under writers felt the same way. So disappointing , no other options were given or offered for a previous Customer. Waste of my hard earned time. Never again springleaf.

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